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They were all introduced by the show's then executive producer John Holmes.The 8th season of Home and Away began airing on 16 January 1995.

Eric gets violent with Shannon and Jack intervenes. Andrew Warren, played by Adrian Lee, made his first appearance on 16 March 1995 and departed on .Nick Freedman debuted as Alex Bennett in October, while Quinn Jackson also made her first appearance.The following month, David Ritchie arrived as Alex's father, Saul.Andrew becomes Jack Wilson's (Daniel Amalm) tutor, but Michael Ross (Dennis Coard) is reluctant to let him continue with the tutoring. After a while people begin to see Andrew is genuinely trying to change and their opinion changes when he helps Irene Roberts (Lynne Mc Granger) after she collapses from stress and is able to raise Sally Fletcher's (Kate Ritchie) grades in order for her to take Maths classes at Year 11 level.In spite of this, Donna refuses to believe it and slaps him only to feel that she is no better than him.

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Eric is characterised as being calculating and has muscles.

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  1. In 1886, Freud resigned his hospital post and entered private practice specializing in "nervous disorders". He believed that smoking enhanced his capacity to work and that he could exercise self-control in moderating it.