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Superawesomedating com

It seems that as far as Dreamhost is concerned, you shouldn’t be running plugins in the first place. Luckily for me, I know a few UNIX commands and how to use an ssh shell to do some troubleshooting.

However even for me this kind of response is definitelly inferior.

After that, it simply happens all at once suddenly.

Now this is extremelly difficult to troubleshoot as you can have no idea what is causing this.

So I disabled Supercache on the Division by Zer0 and on the Wesnoth Journals and killed the remaining php processes. Unfortunately I was lucky that I could access the admin panel of these two sites after I increased my available resources to some ungawdly amount (1.5Gb of RAM or so).

Unfortunately I was not so lucky in the Antichristian Phenomenon where not only I could not access the admin panel (never finished loading) anymore but the php processes kept spawning repeatedly and fast. Anything I tried, I couldn’t get the site to work properly.

It would be nice if I could expect the Dreamhost support to ask questions like “Are you using WP Super Cache? It would be nice to expect the support people to know of a few issues that generally might cause this kind of trouble. Is it too much to ask to expect some attempt to help your users?

The first time it happened, my ram usage was slowly creeping upwards in jumps of 30 Mb per week or so.

Once I arrived, I fired up an ssh connection and checked what processes were running.

As expected, it was PHP in CGI mode that was sucking my life’s blood.

A php5process can be anything under the sun that runs on PHP.

Basically the whole wordpress interface or any of the dozens of plugins I have installed.

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I tried deleting the plugin directory which led to my whole page being turned off. So I did the only thing I could do, renamed the whole wordpress directory and reinstalled again.