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Their official designation in the terminology, ‘women auxiliaries (weibliches Gefolge)of the Waffen-SS’, indicates their special position: they were civil employees within a paramilitary organisation.

The recruitment form for Ravensbrück stated that promotion was possible for suitable candidates already doing appropriate work.

But this right was subject to strict procedures as, even more so, was the right to kill (Mailänder Koslov 2011; Strebel, 2003).

Having been opposed to the employment of women, forcing them back into the home, the Nazis now had to adapt their policies to the needs of the economy.

They could become head of a subcamp or chief overseer (Oberaufseherin)2.

Female guards reported to the Kommandantur, that is, the camp commandant and the higher ranks of the SS, for senior personnel and camp commandants in women’s camps were always men.

According to the Ravensbrück recruitment form for guards, the SS were looking for women aged between 21 and 45, preferably single, and ‘no professional skills’ were required3.

It was implied that the work was easy “since it is merely guarding prisoners”..

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With it, Himmler also created a new type of female guard.

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