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Dating cops site

With the help of a local poacher named Jesús, the trio finally chase Sebastian into the marshes.

Pedro is also angered after a possible third culprit, a worker's union representative named Alfonso Corrales, is brushed over, most likely due to complex political ties.

Though Juan justified his shooting story by saying it was his former partner's actions, the journalist reveals him to have actually been a brutal enforcer for Franco's secret police force, and to have once been known as 'The Crow'.

In the morning, before they drive home, Juan asks a stoney-faced Pedro if they 'are good'.

One of the men does aid the investigation, however, by describing a white Dyane 6 he saw at the church where one of the girls' purse was found.

After digging through more victims' items, the two see a pattern of out-of-town job brochures for women, eventually linking Quini to a man named Sebastian.

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Digging through Sebastian's past, they find a warrant out for him for the possible sexual molestation of a child, solidifying his chance of being the main culprit.

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